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Chinese Astrology Forecast for the Rabbit Year (2)
Where is the centre of my house? (5)
Can plants & flowers be placed in a bedroom? (2)
8House Theory: Is it applied everywhere? (2)
How to calculate my Kua? (2)
Charts for a newly purchased home. (2)
Significance of related topics (2)
My wind chime is made of clay...good? (4)
How to Cure Seemingly Bad Fengshui (5)
Very inauspicious house ... (5)
What can I place at 'Cai Wei' (Wealth corner)? (5)
About to purchase a house (4)
I have a collection of dragons. (2)
How to `fix' Bad Location? (2)
Is a Stove-island and floor-heat good? (2)
Feng Shui for Caravans (1)
About house numbers--- out of all #'s I have the '4' !! (4)
Kitchen Design - overcoming problems (2)
'Deadly five' in the Year of the Rabbit (2)
What to look out for when buying a house? (2)
How do I read a Feng Shui Ruler? (2)
How long does a Flying Star Chart is in effect? (2)
Moles on the Palm of the Hand (3)
Poison Arrow at my main door (6)
Can I place a fish tank at the North wall? (4)
Electricity Pylons 1000m from home - visible from all windows (2)
Can a 'Fu Dog' be used as a FS 'cure'? (2)
New Topic - Feng Shui Business (1)
Sword made of ancient coins (2)
Main Door aligned to the back door (2)
Proper Pronunciation of the word Feng Shui (2)
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Problem in placing the bed (2)
Computer in the bedroom (2)
Problem in placing the bed,part 2 (2)
How does one apply the 8-house theory? (2)
Is South-West Sector the Relationship corner? (2)
Computer in the bedroom part 2 (2)
How to position my bed to an intimate relation & good health (2)
What FS has to say about auspicious room dimensions? (4)
I often hear this... what is the white tiger location? (2)
An author said all rocks are of the metal element. (2)
How do I counteract spook and irritation? (4)
My husband and I are of different 8house, what should we do? (3)
Triangular lot, Love/Marriage is laundry room - remedies??? (2)
Positioning my head to an auspicious location. (2)
Is having a White tiger 'entrance' no good? (2)
How can I find my, eight house, & etc. (2)
Can i improve my health condition by applying FS? (2)
Trying to conceive (8)
Mirror a double-edged sword? (2)
Mirrors in a bedroom what can I do? (2)
Main Entrance opens to a wall/stairs (2)
I like help on a decent floor plan for my rect. cabin (2)
Any cure? front door is in my 'Disaster' direction? (2)
Which door should I consider as my main entrance? (2)
Is the current facing of my bed good? (2)
Is the wealth corner at the far left corner of the house? (2)
I like to place a picture at the `romance sector'. (2)
Can I place bird nest ferns in the home? (2)
The worse Feng Shui house. Help! (2)
What is the effect of placing a crystal pyramid? (5)
I want to find out more about the Devil's Gate? (2)
Devils gate... does not sound too good for my house (2)
What can I do about two Bathrooms at the entrance? (5)
Can I find out more about antique furnitures? (2)
Flying Star Double 7 on the North area .. what to do? (2)
Someone mentioned ' baubiology '' is related to FS? (4)
Congratulations Cecil and Robert on best Web site (2)
How to find the direction of my main door for a studio apartment? (4)
My bathroom in located at the relationship corner (6)
Career (North) Corner Missing (9)
Front door on Death/Irritation lines (2)
An encounter with a wanna-be feng shui consultant (2)
Trying to determind, if 210 degrees is an auspicious direction for me. (2)
A 'TUI' living in a 'KEN' house. (2)
How to activate career sector (2)
Can I apply Feng Shui to selling a Home? (2)
Are mirrors good for the bedroom? (4)
What is the `rule' regarding TV's and other electricals? (2)
How is one's Pillar affected by the Flying Star? (2)
Gambling luck affected by staying at a friend's place? (2)
How to determine the facing direction of my apartment (3)
Do I consider the balcony as the main door? (2)
Flat Roof & 3 Doors in a row - any cures? (2)
Can you advice on Colours to paint my house? (2)
New Ehancements to Geomancy-Online (1)
Evaluation of a new house (2)
Water in the South & South-West (2)
My neighbors door is directly facing my main door (7)
Where to put mirror in the bedroom (2)
Tree & a single lamp post in front of main door (2)
Activating Mountain Star (2)
What direction do I use (2)
Can stuffed toys be placed in child's room? (2)
How do I apply Eight House if I am married? (3)
Main Entrance facing the stairs (2)
Spook at my Front Door (2)
Certificate Course in Applied Feng Shui! (1)
Clash of the 8 Houses (2)
Measure entrance door from different floor (3)
Small Apartment Bedroom (4)
Is my car number auspicious? (4)
Is the Hydrant bad? (5)
How many fishes must I rear? (3)
Can I find out more about the bedroom? (2)
Cannot find information about litter boxes (2)
Problem with stove next to fridge (6)
Aquarium - Left or Right? (2)
Flower and Plants (2)
Which partner's good direction to follow (2)
Re: Pets (1)
Free Feng Shui Software for home and office! (3)
Renovations done on the East this year (4)
Flower beds in the NE and W (1)
RE: Two fridges in a home. Comments? (2)
Desk facing directly to the door - what's the significance? (2)
More Grand Duke questions (7)
Position of the Aquarium (2)
Which is the main door entrance? (2)
I like to confirm the compass direction. (4)
Tree In front of front door and other problems (4)
Studio apartment (2)
Cecil Lee's : Applied Feng Shui Made Easy Book! (1)
Anyone one here stay in France? (2)
Feng shui in the bedroom (2)
House address (2)
House numbers (2)
How to enhance property business and personal health (3)
Feng Shui: Southern hemisphere confusion? (9)
Where should wall clocks be placed? (2)
Where to throw the garbage at home? (2)
Health/Excel line indented, bed in wrong position (3)
Dead or dying tree in yard (2)
Placement of computers in the bedroom (2)
'flying stars' or 'lucky stars'? (4)
bed against the toilet wall (6)
FIVE YELLOWS vs Properity in 8-House (2)
Green Dragon and White Tiger (2)
shall I put all my water/wealth symbols in my hallway to my house? (2)
Schools of Feng Shui (2)
Year 2000 (4)
ba gua and pa-kua (7)
Large and narrow rectangular house (5)
Strength of Day Pillar (3)
House Direction (2)
Cures/elements needed (5)
Flat above garage (2)
Why am I always sick (2)
Front Door Location (5)
Basement House (2)
Univeral Manager v3.0 for Report/Course/Book (1)
Is a balcony at the back of the house bad? (2)
Vacate master bedroom to use other room, ok? (2)
Good Chinese Feng Shui Book (2)
Mexican tile, & fireplace in central location (3)
How to attract romance luck? Nothing seems to work! (5)
Is it OK to have a carp painting and a wall uplight beside eac h (2)
L-shaped house (2)
Flying Star v6.10 (1)
Flying Star - Look at which stars? (2)
Flying Star (2)
101 Feng Shui Tips & Fixes - Volume I & Corrections to Books Published (1)
Living in a yacht (2)
Advice on Studio Unit (18)
Interested to buy Feng Shui Books written by CECIL & ROBERT (3)
Work area in the middle of a house (3)
How to apply 8House to studio apartment (2)
Pillar report: Other sections (2)
Do I evaluate the building or apartment (7)
Avoid wearing clothing with inauspicious colours (2)
Where exactly to place the stove. (3)
Advise on Rearing fish (5)
My personal directions & how to cure a sharp corner (2)
Looking for couples who want Dragon kids (1)
Take care when using Windchimes (2)
Flying Stars and my house built in period 6 (6)
Something in the house that can cause Depression/Confusion (7)
Fake Ivy plants good in a bedroom? (3)
Airconditioning vent on top of bedroom (3)
New! Pillars of Destiny Comparision v0.50 beta (5)
Significance of Bamboo plants in FS? (2)
What if the staircase faces a bedroom? (4)
Like to extend my balcony: Good/Bad? (2)
House with no longer used Fire Place (2)
Advice on the placment of Grand Duke pewter plaque (4)
Fengshui Of a un-occupied new house. (2)
Finding the center of my house. (2)
Advice for the kitchen: Stove face a waterpoint. (3)
Slopped ceiling & aircon location (2)
Longevity/Death lines in bedroom. Help! (3)
New! Pillars of Destiny v6.50 (1)
Free Limited Analysis for Flying Star Report (1)
Update! Pillars of Destiny v6.51 (1)
Re: Main Door (5)
My office consulted a FS Master: curious sticker? (2)
A few questions on FS for the Bedroom (2)
I have two homes and my Feng Shui (2)
Advice on where to place Ornamental Swords. (2)
Man-made lake at the back of house (3)
Gold Fish-Tropical (2)
Rooms,Directions using a fixed template method (3)
A new Feng Shui Directory for users (1)
Bed not directly under beam (3)
Can a mirror be placed at the stove? (2)
What is the significance of a Fig tree? (2)
Is there an impact of the Five Yellows this year? (2)
Mini fountain show-case in bedroom (3)
Direction of Oven (2)
Rest Room next to my Entrance (2)
Stuff under the bed... (2)
Wish to boost my husbands luck (5)
Is the spare bedroom bad for children? (2)
Bathrooms: Center,left,right,next the main door ? (2)
Main door faces bedroom door (2)
Any negative effects on the use of Fake firecrackers (2)
An elephant decorative object. (3)
Kid's bedroom are their Spook & Irritation directions. (2)
Which bathroom location is most inauspicious? (2)
Opening direction of doors (2)
Good or Bad layout of a building under ' Yang Zhai Shi Shui ' (2)
Tray ceiling in master bed room (2)
My bedroom door faces childrens (4)
house facing south-west direction (2)
Death Sector (2)
Overhanging wall over bed (2)
Feng Shui In the Garden (2)
elephant decorative object (3)
Intellectual Property Rights Notice (4)
Pie shape plot (3)
Flying Star (Xuan Kong Fei Xing) Course - Info! (2)
Help on Flying Star (2)
Apartment main door (4)
Southern Hemisphere (2)
i need sme help on new bedroom (2)
Improving Feng Shui (2)
House number (2)
Fountain Search for near outside entrance (2)
Pakua Jewelry (2)
Too many books too little space? (2)
Updates to website! (1)
Grave site adjacent to backyard of house (2)
Best colour for west facing entrance door (4)
Definition of 'Chi' (2)
Can we apply FS to the gardens? (2)
Sleeping direction and bed placement (2)
Pillars infront of main door (2)
flying star (2)
Interested in rearranging the bedroom I share (2)
Different owners, same numbers (4)
Before the event (2)
Office FengShui (2)
Staircase facing Main door (2)
New conference Feng-Shui-Attachment (1)
My computer in the basement, good choice? (2)
Absolutely wonderful site (3)
Decorating and design my flat during U holidays (2)
20 year chart (2)
Are Dog belong to 'Earth' and scared of 'Water' (2)
Do's and don'ts about Bunk Beds (5)
Can hanging the crystal ball activate the mountain star? (5)
Fish tank in the South Sector of my house? (4)
Moving bed, house during pregnancy? (3)
Dinning window overlooking a mountain view (2)
Advise on placement of a Bird feeder (5)
Where do I place a Dragon horse and Dragon turtle statues (3)
Do we extend all `missing' corners by putting mirrors? (3)
Where to hang Protective calligraphy (2)
Is the Hospital a very Yin place? (2)
Impressed by the to the point and correct advise (2)
Can I use any type of Coins? (2)
Who is the Owner & which chart for whom? (2)
Dragon , snake and dog matching (2)
I-Ching Coins: Can they bring good luck? (5)
Flying Star Course (3)
Can I use S shape handle for my kitchen cabinet? (3)
Tiolets (2)
Lucky frog (2)
Ghost (2)
Black and blue color (2)
Luk Fak Sau (3)
wealth (2)
Music and fengshui (2)
Business logo (3)
Baby boy or baby girl (2)
Cross symbol (4)
How to improve luck (3)
Doors (4)
Water beds (2)
What kind of wind chimes are good? (2)
Ox, Monkey and Dragon (2)
A personal experience (1)
The person's element destroy, will be the wealth element? (2)
Can you explain what is Yin and Yang gardens (2)
If metal is bad for me, can I still wear them: Jewellery (2)
Can you define the term: deity, bone and stem (2)
Altar for Kitchen GOD (2)
Bright Hall and installing a huge metal globe (3)
Circular shape building (2)
What are the best shapes of desks? (3)
Is the Pakua mirror same as any mirror? (2)
Cluttered basement is this a problem? (2)
8 house theory for 2 storey house (2)
Are bird baths considered water positions? (2)
Are cactus plants good for the house? (2)
What type of flowers to grow on the balcony (2)
Is Dowsing Important? (2)
Inauspicious rented home (2)
Can I use Feng Shui to predict Stocks (5)
Is clapping,ringing bell part of fengshui (3)
House faces a T junction (2)
Can I use feng shui to loose weight (2)
The Yin of Water (2)
What is the significance of placing 6 coins? (4)
Selling a House (3)
Feng Shui Symbols (2)
Pets and chi (3)
Feng shui for your cats and dogs (2)
Children sleeping with reptiles in their rooms (2)
Talented number and life number (3)
Is fu and fook symbol same (2)
Geomancy.Net's 3rd Anniversary! (3)
Placement of Auspicious statues (2)
Where to buy your book and what title (2)
My dragons and pheonix have open mouth (2)
Further Updates & Special Offers to Geomancy.Net! (1)
Feng Shui for Pregnancy (2)
I need some help in my directions (2)
Planting Xiu Liu Hua and Guan Yin Bamboo (2)
Theory of Neutrility (4)
My roofs are sloped (2)
Pa Kua mirror - convex or concave (2)
Working in old hospital (4)
Altar on the deathline (2)
Use of TV to neutralize the bad area (2)
Addition: Ancient Art of Pillars of Destiny Revealed! (1)
I am intrested in a good bedroom color (2)
Prediction using the I-Ching Model (4)
Cannot sleep well, Help (3)
New! Pillars of Destiny Explanation v0.50 beta (1)
Nightmares and mirrors in bedroom (4)
Does playing 3 coins improve your wealth? (2)
Updates! Pillars of Destiny Explanation v0.50 beta (1)
New! Daily Auspicious/Inauspicious Day/Hr Forecast! (5)
neighbourly relations (2)
3 leg Toad (2)
What is the cycle of weak and strong elements (3)
Conflicting Advice (2)
New! Pillars of Destiny v7.00 (1)
Dislay Items for Weak Earth Elements. (2)
Master in Geneva, Switzerland (2)
Stairs in the middle of the house (2)
Scents under Feng Shui (1)
Appliances destroying my prosperity and longavity line (2)
How to find the auspicious direction for travel (2)
Murals on the ceiling (2)
Facing Health Problems (2)
Office Door Facing the top of Staircase (2)
New! Pillars of Destiny v7.10 (3)
Location of swimming pools (2)
Explanation of different theories (3)
New! Pillars of Destiny v7.20 beta (1)
Water Heater at the Center of the House (3)
Display Item for Weak Earth (2)
Hitec kitchen gadget for the millennium (2)
Roof garden (2)
Feng shui jewellery (2)
Feng shui for cars (2)
Swimming pool at West location too Yin? (2)
Updates to Geomancy-Forum.Com! (1)
Death, Disaster lines for child's room (2)
House Numbers/Address (2)
Best location for ceramic stuff (2)
Can one place a globe in the bedroom (2)
Baqua Placement (2)
fengshui in south hemisphere (2)
What is the meaning behind the 3 legged toad (3)
i am new here...i hope i am doing this right (2)
Help, save my relationship (2)
Business Cards (2)
Where to use crystals (2)
Is a West House a Metal House (2)
Lily pond location in front of the house? (2)
Mirror in North ( where Fireplace is) (2)
A well in the backyard (2)
Bad Intangible Forces (3)
Want to know about water dragon (2)
How to use 5 bulbs to remove sha (2)
Fish tank close to a window (4)
Road behind the house (2)
Colors for Car (2)
Role of chimneys (2)
Information about metallic bells (2)
Is it bad to keep dried flowers in home (2)
Crystals (2)
Bed facing bathroom entrance (2)
My entire house has wood ceiling beams - help! (3)
Main door faces a junction with traffic light (1)
How to dispose the faded pakua mirror (2)
What is the effect of mirrored building on neighbouring building (2)
significance and direction of different flowers (2)
What is the significance of the horse shoe (2)
Where to keep 5 chinese coins (2)
Is it bad to have a pyramid shaped roof (2)
Why + shaped houses or shape is considered auspicious (2)
Is it bad to sit with lamp behind (2)
Main door facing a parking lot (3)
Guidelines for windows and back doors (2)
The power of peony flower (2)
West side is lower than the East side (2)
Role of tassels (2)
Empty phto frame (2)
What is hungry ghost festival (2)
Flags in the front of the home (3)
Miniature artificial fish tank (2)
Can one hang 5 bulbs in the bedroom (2)
Metal mail box opening in the main door (2)
Mermaids (2)
Pillar with sharp edges (2)
The inscribing the Kun and Ch'ien on the walls (2)
Negative effects of scissors and snout of kettle (2)
Significance of windmills, windmobile and windsock (2)
Yin and Yang music (2)
Can your back door be your main door? (2)
Under the Bed (2)
What plants to plant around a transformer box to cut the electro magnetic radiation? (2)
What is a Keiloon (3)
Which is the correct back side (2)
What is peach luck (2)
All electronic appliances to be kept on the left side (3)
Position of the vase (2)
What is the best location for keeping musical intruments (2)
Kitchen door (2)
Park at the back of the house (2)
Semi circular driveways (2)
Front door facing the railway tracks (2)
Kitchen in the North-west sector (2)
Roof pointed at the main door (2)
Steel exhaust fan in the kitchen (3)
Pictures hung incorrectly (2)
What is a chinese unicorn (2)
Cure for clashing door (2)
Bedroom door in the slant (3)
Staircase at Front Entrance (3)
Desk is in the worst place (2)
Position of tables and chairs in a school (3)
I live in a west house (3)
Location of kitchen (2)
Gazebo in the garden (2)
Why all the decoration stuff have pictures of chinese ladies and not men (2)
What is a Qirin or Kei Lun (With attached note from Cecil) (1)
Water fountain which location is best? (4)
Is keeping a horse figure in south is bad if one was born in the year of mouse (2)
Is pictures of tiger bad for those born in the year of Hose and Dog (2)
Kitchen in open concept? OK? (2)
Ceiling fan in the middle of the bed (2)
White tiger pictures in the living room (2)
Master Bedroom above garage (2)
Which direction should the head of our bed facing ? (2)
House facing death sector (2)
Grand Duke Directions - Southern Hemisphere? (2)
Arrows at my home (2)
Cure for kitchen in the center of the house (2)
What is a Wu Lou (With attached note from Cecil) (1)
One Floor-Two Stairs (2)
Is having the head face West bad? (2)
What are the best colors for exterior of the home (2)
South Sector dangerous months? (2)
Yin Feng Shui apply to caring for gravesite? (2)
'Meat Cleaver' shape bedroom (2)
Need help in new home-money difficulties (2)
Mirrors in Bedroom draining chi? (2)
Arranging a class room under FS conditions (2)
Master bedroom with tray ceiling (2)
Keeping Bicycle inside. Good or Bad? (2)
Placing of bed in bedroom (2)
4 symbolic animals and how to determine house direction (2)
Net curtains to block the poison arrows (2)
Arrow shaped pointers on monitor are they bad (2)
Building roof with metal springs (3)
L shaped living room (2)
Question on kitchen and front door (2)
Are teddy bear considered ferocious animals (2)
Rules for the jacuuzi inside the home (2)
Wind Chimes in the neighbourhood (2)
How to improve children's studies? (6)
Fixing my front door (1)
Slanted ceilings in the bedrooms (2)
Does sha radiate? (3)
Is covered porch considered part of the house (2)
Why statues are used in feng shui (2)
Is location of sofa affects the feng shui of a place (2)
Can one keep red flower tiffany lamp (2)
Renovation on first floor during the hungry ghost festival (2)
Double happiness symbol for attracting relationship (2)
What is a pagoda (2)
College student renting a single room in a house (2)
Foods belonging to earth elment (3)
Does electrical wiring problem means bad feng shui (2)
Placement of Fish Tank (2)
Urgent Pls help, Can I bring my baby to funeral?? (2)
Burial Grounds is this bad (2)
Carpet in center stairway (2)
Can one keep a dragon in the bedroom (2)
Is living near a light house bad (2)
Where to place a `basket' of the 5 elements (2)
What is the true element of coral (2)
How to pick the right gem stone (2)
How can one find out if the house is haunted (2)
Why so much importance is given to lime/lemon tree (2)
What is the best place to keep the symbol of conjugal bliss (2)
Pictures of monkeys (2)
Dragons facing each other (2)
Garbage cans near the main door (1)
Business Partnership & Company Logo (2)
Main dooronly in NW direction (2)
Is sleeping with head pointed to SW bad (2)
Houses-his is SW, mine is NE (2)
Need Advice for New House (2)
Tall, large, old pine tree (2)
Clock facing my home. (2)
How to cure a site wall facing bedroom's door which forming a 'T'? (2)
Does your element work with geographic home (2)
Does pakua needs to be prayed upon in order for it to be effective (2)
Correct way to hang a pakua (2)
Correct position for dragon (2)
Correct position for turtle (2)
Can rooster be used for energizing the south sector (2)
Shape of sofa and lamp shade play any role in feng shui (2)
Northeast Kitchen Help!!!!! (2)
Color of entrance door (2)
How to select a time of birth for pillars module (6)
Does the architecture builds the house according to feng shui (2)
How to find the compass direction (2)
Expressway - Which unit to choose (2)
How do I go about arranging my desk at work ? (2)
What is the half fish like structure (2)
Is the health sector at the North or West? (2)
Is the convent at the back of my house a bad thing? (2)
Why pataling Jaya so famous (1)
How to improve one's luck (2)
Dragon chi and deflecting poison arrows (2)
Is bazi feng shui same as 8 aspiration (2)
Does chinese year always begins on 4 or 5 febraury (3)
Can one improve one's luck with career and romance (3)
Placement of Pa Kua (2)
How to apply bazi to ones life (2)
What can I do about my red fireplace mantel? (5)
Wealth Producing numbers (3)
Graveyard in the neighbourhood (2)
My bed is under open beams what can I do? (2)
Deathline at maindoor (2)
Applying Feng Shui in an apartment (3)
How to create more chi in my mobile home (2)
Can one have a baby in inauspicious year (2)
Cure for tomb shaped headboard (2)
Kitchen door faces the living room (2)
Length of the screen (2)
The room at the center should be left empty (2)
Statues of the lion and the direction of the door (2)
Brass knobs to correct the sha (2)
Disturbing the grand duke (2)
Want to find out the most suitable house directions (3)
Thoroughly confused about Eight House Theory (2)
I need Feng Shui Tips for selling my house (2)
Which one are real dragons (2)
Why the statues of lion are tied with red cloth (2)
Why the mobiles are aimed at Bank of India direction (2)
What is the significance of hanging the mobiles (2)
Face to face Bedroom door (2)
Does replacing the carpets with floor tile change the flying star (2)
Comments on my Kithcen layout (4)
Should I neutralize or enhance a sector? (2)
My bathroom is at the south (2)
If W is wu kwei (5 Ghosts) can it destroy my luck (2)
Will mirrors make a sector disappear? (2)
Telephone Pole over seeing my main door (4)
Overcoming an overhead Beam (11)
Window above the main door (2)
Earthen lamp at T junction house (2)
Main door faces a narow alley between the two houses (2)
Thin and tall trees on the either side of the main door (2)
Christmas lights in east (2)
Can this house be fixed? (4)
Dead tree next to the bedroom window (2)
Whis is my main entrance: front door/back door? (3)
No 'front' door - should we move? (2)
Opening and closing the door in disturbs the grand duke (2)
What is eight immortals (2)
Is my main door facing north or north-west? (2)
Advise on increasing fertility (3)
House layout which cause death twice in a year (6)
Hanging a sword made of coins in the house (2)
Is it necessary to tie pakua mirror with red thread (2)
Can feng shui copper ruler be used to eliminate the shar from 2 and 5 (2)
What is the significance of keeping a gourd at home (2)
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Silver necklace (2)
Feng Shui on house (2)
Movin new house before the 7 month (2)
Confusion (2)
east and west group relationship (2)
ruling element (3)
staircase (2)
master bedroom location (2)
Number of Rods on Wind chimes (2)
Sleepless nites (2)
Toilet in South West of bedroom (2)
sleeping direction (2)
Main door facing the stairs (2)
How to do a feng shui analysis (2)
Prevailing element (2)
Selling Cutlery/ Kitchen Knives (2)
roof and other questions (3)
Placement of Money Frog in the house (5)
Office Room (2)
Bedroom & Front Door director (2)
Color of Dining Room Walls (3)
wrought iron gate (4)
mountain star activation (2)
Elements (2)
Marriage (2)
Bottle Gourd (3)
bottle gourd (2)
Clearing bad energies from previous tenants (2)
Dragon (2)
Leaks (6)
Something wrong with house (2)
various questions (2)
Swords collection (2)
Toalet in career sector (2)
Direction or Sector (2)
toilet door opposite master bedroom door (2)
Location of New Home (8)
Direction of the Main Door (2)
Types of Pendulum (2)
Protusion at South-East sector (3)
Bagua map for a split level house (4)
Activating the Mountain star at upper levels (2)
feng shui cures (2)
Birth chart (2)
Main Door (6)
prosperity item inquiry (2)
House Direction (2)
Directions v/s Date of Birth+Directions (2)
8-house sectors (3)
more questions from a beginner (4)
Neighour's Roof (2)
Area around an airport, good or bad? (2)
Business Startup (2)
Bad Luck receiving payments from clients? (2)
Increase Luck and Success (5)
Career (2)
Poor Eye (2)
Aloe Vera Vs Cactus (2)
Day Master (2)
Toliet in new apartment (2)
New project (construction) infront of my main door (2)
Front door color (2)
Screen/Divider/Partition (2)
Air-con Office (2)
Crystal cave (4)
Placement of Objects (2)
Main door & trees (2)
Land configuration (2)
Opposites (2)
some fengshui problem (2)
Tattoo of a yin-yang symbol (2)
stove facing direction (2)
bed under a beam (2)
dining room near main door (2)
New Arrangements (2)
Second Case Study: House with bad Feng Shui (6)
rounding up for the personal number (1)
water fountain at the back of desk (2)
where do i put the 3 coins to maximize its effect? (2)
Stairs(partial)facing main door (2)
Stove facing toilet door (2)
What is he lack of ? (2)
Cure for propersity area - water drying up (1)
Do not know that to do (1)
Where to take compass reading (2)
Correct Placement of Fu Dogs (6)
fish Tank in Bedroom? (2)
Installing a lamp post? (2)
Central Staircase (2)
Installing a lamp post? 2nd question (2)
what direction should my new house be? (2)
Sloping Condo (2)
Color of Roof (2)
Positioning kitchen stove (2)
doubts about colouors and stars (2)
If painting has too many birds (2)
Company logo (2)
death line flowing the main door (2)
is this house bad fengshui? (2)
My apartment has too much White Tiger (2)
bed room in death sector (2)
How to remedy 'Sha' qi ? (2)
Is there a chance? (2)
six coins (3)
Help - Direction of Sliding Gate (2)
Balconies (2)
Feng Shui advice for new house (2)
Determine house border lines for Bagua Map (4)
What element? Medicine (2)
Pie chart (2)
Main door facing the kitchen door (3)
Main Door Interior faces Kitchen Door (2)
Missing area in apartment- Career Gua!!! help!!! (1)
bed location (3)
Life Aspiration Report (2)
strong water vs. strong water (2)
wind chimes (3)
Toilet door close to the Main door, in the Foyer. (2)
Main door facing neighbour's main door (6)
Number of Fishes (2)
Main door facing long corridor,etc (4)
North wall in bed rooom is one mirror. (2)
bed room in death sector (2)
Water feature on North sector (2)
Applied FS course (2)
Apartment with black coloured tiles (1)
Cure for the destructive 6 and 7 combination (1)
Water problems in existing home (3)
auspicious date for moving house (2)
Toilet in SW sector of house (2)
In auspicious Master Bedroom (1)
House Shape & Stairs (2)
My last journey (5)
Chinese Coins (5)
Working desk facing (2)
office feng shui (2)
apartment door or building door? (2)
Direction of stove (2)
Two doors clashing (1)
auspicious measurements - URGENT PLS (2)
KUA number (2)
carpet for son's bedroom (3)
Room or Home? (3)
Store Room at Excellent sector (Eight House) (2)
laundy room above master bedroom (2)
Mirror in Living Hall (4)
What will be the best color to paint my front door (2)
Location for Home Fountain or Fish Tank (4)
Is it consider sha qi? (2)
Chapter 10 Choice of Site (3)
Regarding 6-coins in a jar of salt water (9)
Chapter 10 Choice of Site (2)
Charms: best protection charms (2)
inauspicious stairs (2)
Can stove be placed at a sector with Facing Star 8 (2)
Front Door faces a staircase (3)
Bedroom below bathroom (2)
sharp pointed pillar pointing main door (2)
Location for religious altars (Guan Yin) (2)
Unit Number In High Rise (3)
Applying the template to floor plan (2)
Savannah Condo Park (2)
weak or strong/cures (2)
water tank above the wealth (2)
Back facing the door (2)
year 2003 feng shui advice needed (2)
Romance Luck (1)
Mirror in bathroom facing door (2)
auspicous moving in date (1)
Auspicious Dates depends on Ba Zi or KUA NO or ??? (3)
Distrubing 'Grand Duke' and 'Three Killings' (2)
About placing Coins and bells in the main door (2)
Auspicious Main Door and Auspicious Directions (1)
Our main door facing our neighbor's garage doors (2)
Hunting for Apt. (2)
Dahlia Park Condo (3)
stairs going to the basement (2)
Townhouse feng shui (2)
Alarmed...death direction (1)
Main door facing neighbor's triangle roof line (2)
House Number - 220 (1)
Entrapped apartment (1)
Aloe Vera Plant (2)
Devil's Gate & Back Door (1)
Townhouse feng shui (1)
Staying in the wrong sectors - Death and Spook (2)
Wealth Sector (2)
Work facing spook position vs back to window (2)
Office Sitting position (1)
bedroom placement (1)
n and s bedrooms (1)
Auspicous Measurement (2)
Who should take auspicious bedroom? (2)
Interview should be successfull (1)
lawsuites problems (2)
Lucky Day (2)
Unemployment And The Feng Shui Of My House (1)
12 animal signs (2)
Auspicious Dates (2)
Fu Lu Shou placement (2)
What is my lucky element? (2)
Year 2003 Feng Shui (5)
Auspicious Number Plate (2)
Conversion to period '8' house, for a floor only. (2)
Lucky Dates (2)
marriage year (2)
Does flying star for house change every year? (2)
Preventing loss of wealth (4)
Windchimes-Hanging Location Point / etc (2)
Are stray cats bad luck? (2)
Five Yellow Star (2)
Possible Delay in replies for Advices in Jan 03 (2)
Fish tank location (2)
bed placement in irregular room (3)
opposite directions (2)
chinese new year (2)
auspicious measurements (3)
taking the board exam for nursing (2)
can pass the test (3)
Application for job (2)
Object Behind Door in Helpful Area (3)
Room Placement (3)
flying star for business esp southeast sector (1)
water feature (2)
Activating the fame sector of home office (3)
Creativity/Chidren sector in bathroom (2)
Measurements (2)
Ho To' Diagram? / 'Ho To' Numbers? (2)
Blasting out fire cracker noise through CD / Tape (2)
will it tell the future (2)
feng shui cures for litigation (2)
Bed Placement Limited to Spook/Irritation... (3)
House number for single houses? (5)
Why is it hard to find FS products? (4)
Bottle Gourd – Ideal Size??? (4)
My house placement (2)
Need help understanding (2)
Slope At The Side Of My House (2)
Negative energy (3)
Check this file for pic (1)
How To Find Wealth Spot (4)
Special Flying Star Feng Shui Charts? (3)
Special FS Charts-Clarifications. (3)
Placement of wind chime (1)
How To Enhance Positive Energy Of A Big House (2)
Fortune Telling/Ba Zi - Favorable Element Balance (3)
bamboo plants (4)
Wealth Flows To My Neighbors Along The Slope? (2)
Flying Star vs Eight house theories (2)
Where Do I Find The Flying Star Theory (2)
landscape across front door (2)
Type of Element (4)
Negative energies in house? (2)
Hall at top of entry stairs (4)
Period 6 or period 7? (2)
Does The White Color Matter? (2)
The Function Of Crystals (2)
are 6-coins needed in these areas? (4)
12 animals sign (2)
Loss Of Job and The Feng Shui Of My House (2)
Good lenth of Desk (2)
North In the Year Of Goat (2)
Brick high rise (2)
Protusions of bay windows (3)
Which kua am I? (2)
reviewing my self-analysis (6)
True direction of your house facing (2)
Flying star cure (2)
Slanted ceiling in bedroom and bamboo flutes (3)
Re: Negative energies in house? (2)
water fountain (3)
The Center Of My House (2)
Leakage Of 'Qi (2)
Desk placement in new office (2)
toilet door facing directly bedroom door (2)
Water Fountain in front of the main entrance (2)
Where Is The Grand Duke In 2002 (The Year Of Horse (2)
Is The Direction Of My House In The Disaster Zone? (5)
Uncle died and was cremated recently (2)
Centre of the House and Rooms (2)
The correct period for flying stars (2)
Best house location (2)
Center Pillar And The Center Of The House (2)
I feel hopeless (2)
Is it okay to hang a dragon poster this year? (2)
A Tree In Front Of My Main Entrance (2)
Eight Metal Rod Wind Chime (2)
How do I analyze shopping center? (2)
My Neighbor's Trash Can (2)
Arguments when decorating my home (2)
How do I determine when the correct period of a ho (3)
Front Door Is Centered In the Middle (2)
Direction Of My House (2)
Direction Of My House (2)
The Back Of Houses (2)
Feng Shui In Ancient Time And Present (2)
Eight House vs Flying Star (2)
Each Side of house & office (2)
Fish bowl in bed room (2)
Master Cecil, Happy New Year! (1)
Death Direction and West Main door (2)
Is NE Good For Hanging A Wind Chime? (2)
Influence of Rivers (2)
Black Hat Sect - Your input (2)
feng shui for cars? (2)
Gem Tree (2)
Office Door is 2 degrees in my Chuch Ming area (1)
What Are The Functions Of Wind Chimes (2)
Worst direction (1)
6-coin cure for kitchen/bedroom below toilet? (2)
house #91 house period 1998-2003 (2)
Which is considered the Main Door & help? (5)
Canal and main door (3)
help... my husband & I cannot save money (1)
Broken Dragon Headed Tortoise / Peacock feathers (3)
Buying a house (2)
Need explaination (2)
Strong vs. Weak (2)
Buying new house & other qts. (2)
3-hollow rod windchime meaning? (3)
Auspicious dates in Mar 2003 to get married (2)
Re: Flying Star etc. (2)
Hang It In The North East (5)
Flying Star Period (2)
The Function Of Ba Gua (2)
Formula for safe toilet location (3)
Ba Gua Mirror (2)
Is There A Cure For The Toilet Location Problem? (2)
6-coins vs. strong water (2)
What Is The Correct Design Of A Ba Gua? (2)
fixing a leak (3)
Colour to Paint (2)
eight house and feng shui element (2)
Cure for bad feng shui ? (2)
Kua Element & Four Pillar Self Element (2)
one ba gua too many (2)
Auspicious Dates (2)
5 Elements (2)
Tiger & Monkey Bussiness Venture (1)
Main Door Facing (2)
Water Well location (2)
Water pipes (2)
Creek behind house (2)
Location Of Bathtub (2)
Concept of facing direction (2)
Center of the house (1)
Primary Residence and Secondary House (2)
of church and feng shui (2)
Best direction under Eight House (1)
Is “Set of 6 Coins” proportional to no. of. doors? (2)
Crystal roof lamp in the bed room (2)
Disturbing the Grand Duke (5)
Use of 6-string coins (4)
Bad Flying Star (2)
Center of the House - uploaded images to server (3)
The World Trade Center (2)
Tai Sui Prayers (2)
Working at Grand Duke location/spot in an apt. (4)
Center of the house and missing corners (4)
“2003Five Yellow”- Furniture Moving- Precautions ? (3)
Question on numbers (2)
Analysis of flying stars (2)
6-coins (2)
Screen, Drapery And Leakage Of Qi (5)
Crystal Pyramid in the South-East (4)
Feng Shui for web site (3)
Birth Element of your house (2)
My Neighbor's Mirror (4)
Spenting $$$ to do up the house. (2)
Bed relocation (2)
Pendulum clock (5)
Cul-de-Sac and Sha Qi (3)
4 Toilets (2)
Main Door and East Group of persons (1)
Building A House from the scratch (3)
Unproportionate 9-sectors grid (1)
My Neighbor's Mirror (2)
Handphone Numbers (2)
Flat # is alphabet (4)
Love to marriage (2)
East and West person & Facing of house (2)
Wrong Locations For Hanging Crystal (2)
Colors Of Flowers (2)
Toilet Beyond The Main Entrance (2)
Position Of A Lake (2)
Suitable to emigrate (3)
Construction and sha qi (3)
Exec Condo (1)
Diffculty in selling property (2)
Year of the Monkey (1)
Minor Qi Leakages (2)
Getting Stabbed in the Back, HELP (3)
any good HEALTH cures/tips? (1)
sha qi, sha qi, everywhere? (1)
Water position (2)
eastern feng shui v.s. western bad luck (1)
Metal Cuts Wood (2)
Main door facing between N & NE (1)
house number (2)
Our new environment (1)
Birth Date (2)
Main door facing Main door (2)
Placing sofa against the wall (2)
window and door view (1)
door and window view (2)
window and door view continue (1)
Painting Earth colour? (2)
Chinese Lunar Calendar 2004 (5)
Dead Tree (2)
i-ching coins (2)
Placement of a fountain (2)
Eight Charaters Feng Shui Chart (2)
Should I move or not ?? (4)
Is there any all time good Color (2)
Direction Of A House - Preferred Measure (2)
Further To Direction Of A House (2)
3 sets of windows in straight line (2)
String of health problems (1)
scissors placed on top of neighbour's window (2)
Unlucky Directions of Relationship and Children (1)
Bedroom & Study Room Feng Shui (2)
Stone Patio (2)
Outdoor Barbecue Pit (1)
Use whose Direction for Calculation (1)
Hostile Neighbour (2)
suitable colour for wall of masterbedroom (1)
Bed room feng shui (2)
Soil too wet (3)
Roofing matters (1)
Tree In the Back Of The House (2)
Mirrors in Fame Area (3)
Where to place my fountain? (2)
San Niang Sha (1)
What to do if Main Door in different direction (1)
Master Bedroom @ North East (Irritation) (1)
Posts In The Front Yard (4)
Center Point And Direction Of My House (1)
Upgrading of home (2)
Symbolism in Feng Shui (2)
Two piece mirror on the wall (3)
Buying a house (2)
What Should I Do With The Post In My Front Yard? (1)
Duke position (2)
Can Feng Shui change life destiny (3)
Move in date (2)
About red ribbon (2)
pet feng shui advice (1)
Where to place a Bagua Mirror (2)
Direction Of The Fireplace (2)
Dinnerware Colors (question) (2)
Arowana fish fed with live bait (2)
colors for luck (2)
Five Elements and favourable colours (2)
Need Help with Address (2)
Address Help Needed (1)
gambling luck (2)
Which house to choose ? (2)
What are the key priority & main area in FS (2)
feng shui in dentist waiting room (2)
Roof And Poison Arrow (2)
Trees (3)
Visitor chime (2)
Eight Trigram & Five Elements (4)
Getting good energy from Horse in Feng Shui (2)
Need concentration during study (1)
Flying Star Chart (2)
The Direction Of My House (2)
broken fengshui articles (2)
Kirin place at the side of main door (6)
Feng Shui Masters (2)
Is my Ba Zi weak or strong? (4)
Studio apartment woes (question) (2)
Is Master bedroom an important area ? (2)
Sit North and Face South (2)
house period 6 or 7 ? (2)
Buy, buy and buy figurines (8)
Fence (2)
Fell A Tree (2)
Back facing the window in the office (3)
Confusion about location of stars 5 and 2 in 2003 (2)
Center-Point (2)
Is There A Cure? (3)
What's 'Wudi' Coin ? (2)
Friend facing problems (2)
Master Bedroom's toilet (2)
mirror facing patio door (2)
House suitability for my family and I (2)
Self Element & Season of Birth (2)
House moving date (2)
Too Much Water (2)
Feng shui of the dream house (2)
fengshui for a dream house (2) (2)
Evil Lines (Kong Wang) (6)
Strong Water person (2)
NE House And Evil Line (2)
What Is A Devil (3)
Kirin and bagua put up by neighbour (4)
Kua system (3)
Facing and Sitting Confused (2)
Toilets in the South (2)
weak Metal and weak Fire Elements (2)
Using a bedroom for studies (1)
Reasoning for sha qi (2)
garage / two story house - placing the bagua (4)
Main Entrance at bad direction (3)
Metal Cure for a room (2)
Sticky :: Forum Etiquette Guidelines (redcross) (1)
Element (2)
toillet in center of house and bad entrance (1)
Position of Main Door and Bedroom (1)
best business for strong water (2)
Best shape for roofs and colours of furniture (1)
Multiple Posts And Tree Trunk (1)
Multiple Posts And Tree Trunk (1)
Which Directions Are Bad For Planting Shrubs (1)
Major and minor renovations (3)
East person but bedroom in the west (1)
Where is my wealth area in my room (2)
Fengshui For Career and promotions (1)
Buying a House (question) (2)
Study table position for my daughter (2)
centre of the home at bedroom (3)
Cure to end law suits (2)
House Number Analysis (2)
flying Star Feng Shui - Special combinations (2)
established house, new to Feng Shui, help ! (1)
toscano fu dogs which is male and female (2)
Room On Top Of Car Garage (1)
Main Door Facing Disaster & Death Sector (2)
drainage infront the house and NW door facing (2)
Kirin, Altar facing main door (2)
Is this house good for me (2)
Is buying a laughing Buddha for yourself harmful (2)
Directions in Feng Shui (Eight House Theory) (2)
Activating Water element (2)
20 years of fengshui period (2)
Property with front higher than the back (3)
How to expedite in selling a HDB property (2)
Staircase (2)
Strong Earth vs Strong Water (1)
Bedroom in Disaster /Bed facing Death (1)
Cure for Toilet in Center of house (1)
Dragon holding a dragonball (2)
new office cubicle location: Assessment Requested (2)
Pearl String Formation (2)
To move in or not to at all? (2)
two toilets near the centre of the house (2)
House near a cemetery (2)
Numbers in Feng Shui (1)
Feng Shui Consultation for a 'Just renovated'house (2)
Bagua & Compass Confusion (2)
Is there a cure for sick houses? (6)
Entrance via garage (1)
concept of wealth element (2)
Re :decorative chime (2)
tidy boxes (2)
Three Killings (5)
From Period 7 house to a period 8 house (4)
Staircase from downstairs and main gate... (2)
Four pillars of destiny (1)
Four seasons in the Chinese system (1)
A New Feng Shui Emporium (1)
Master Lee-HELP!house plan-good or not,confused!! (2)
Birth Date For People Born Outside China (3)
toilet at the centre of the house (2)
Stove at north (2)
Southwest Location Bathroom Cure? (question) (1)
Goldfishes (3)
Roof garden, doors facing stairs, fu dogs... (4)
Washing machine as water position (2)
Flying star #2 (1)
Stem of the day (1)
Clear Space In The Center? (2)
Property and proposed house (2)
FW: This block good? (2)
Main Door in bad sectors (question) (1)
Period 8 (4)
Unit,Street and Lot Numbers (2)
Kua number vs. Ba Zi direction analysis (2)
Problems in Love Life (1)
Water feature placement (1)
black sect compass direction (2)
Papillon Condominium (1)
Piece of Land on the 'T' roads (1)
people live in bad fengshui houses (1)



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