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Geomancy.Net provides users with many professional Feng Shui products & services. You can choose from a range of Feng Shui Analysis, Feng Shui Books, Feng Shui Courses and affordable Professional Feng Shui Services.

Below shows a summary of some of our most popular services tailored to your individual needs. Feel free to click on this link to contact us directly if you need any further clarifications. We will be most happy to hear from you!

To understand how to solve some problems by Finance, Health, Quarrels, Lawsuit, Career and Marriage, we have put up a Solution Wizard.

Home Consultation Services

Home+Self Feng Shui Packages

Professional Home Audit

Professional Home Audit

For Flying Star (Xuan Kong) Home Analysis WITH detailed Ba Zi Analysis.

For a comprehensive offsite Home Audit with detailed Ba Zi Analysis Done by our Experts.

For a comprehensive onsite Home Audit with detailed Ba Zi Analysis Done by our Experts.

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Online Consultation Services

House Hunting

Pillars of Destiny (ba zi)

Chinese Name Analysis

Looking for a New Home? Need to know which house is best?

Analyse your Heavenly Luck to know your element & destiny?

Selecting a Baby Name or need to analyse your existing name?

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Auspicious Dates

Suitable Career

Logo Analysis

Looking for a date for your wedding, moving-in, renovation?

Want to know what careers works best for you?

Need to check if the colour & shapes suits you?

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Books, Courses, Talks

Feng Shui Books by Cecil

Geomany-University Courses

Feng Shui Talks & Events

Buy Cecil's Books to learn more about Feng Shui.

 Visit our eBooks Section
 Print Book Section (Coming Soon)

Enroll in Certificate Courses to enrich yourself.

 Visit our Course Section

Need to organise a Free Talk or Seminar for your Company?

 Visit our Events Section

Ask a question?

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