Free Talks & Events

We frequently organise Free Free Talks on Feng Shui / Palmistry for private and public events. Our talks are presented with multimedia presentation, that has always been interesing and well received.

This section contains the archive of some of our public Multimedia Presentation content (less Cecil Lee's Feng Shui Commentary.)

Since this section on the website site was started recently, we had only begun to added some of the more recently held events. Past events and Private events will not be added here.

All new & upcoming public events held in the future will be published here. Many Private Talks will not be published for archive.

Talk Archive

Fequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I invite you for a private talk for our staff at our Company?

Answer: Yes. We do conduct public and private talks for any organisation (public or private).

Question: I am a committee member of my company's recreation club. I want to have an interesting and informative talk for my colleagues. Are you able to provide such a talk?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Who can I call to arrange for a Free Talk?

Answer: Yes, feel free to call Master Cecil Lee at 9785-3171 or drop us an e-mail at

Question: How much does the talk cost?

Answer: Yes, we  confirm that all of talks are TOTALLY FREE-OF-CHARGE. One of the aims of the talks is to promote Feng Shui awarnesss of what is authentic and also on the latest trends  in the world i.e. US, Europe and in Asia.

Question: Do you sell/promote products during the talks?

Answer: No, it is strictly a professional talk. We do not sell anything during the talk.

We will try to provide an entertaining & interesting topics to benefit you and your colleagues. There is also a short Question and Answer session at the end of each talk.

Question: How long are our talks & can we request for a particular topic?

Answer: Generally, we have talks ranging from an hour to 2 hours. We normally customise the talk topics based on you and your colleagues interests and needs.

Question: What talk do you recommend?

Answer: In general we have three types of talks. We need to adjust the talk based on your proposed timing. E.g. a 1 hour, 1 & an half-hour or 2 hour talk:-

    Choice 1: Yearly Fortune Talk: Year of the Goat 2003

    Timing: To fit your needs. Estimated duration: 1 talk
    Session: Lunch-time or evening talk
    Availability: Weekdays (Mon-Sat) or Weekends (Sun)

    This type of talk is usually held in the early months prior to Chinese New Year e.g. Year of the Goat 2003. This talk has a flavour of both what is in store for the new year as well as Feng Shui tips:-

    "Find out your fortune in the Year of the Water Sheep. Join Master Cecil Lee as he unfolds what lies ahead for each Chinese horoscope: your love life  to your career, and compatibility and a wealth of insights into Feng Shui  to activate and improve your life."

    Choice 2: Feng Shui Awarness Talk (MOST POPULAR & ENTERTAINING)

    Timing: To fit your needs. Estimated duration: 1 hour talk
    Session: Lunch-time or evening talk
    Availability: Weekdays (Mon-Sat) or Weekends (Sun)

    1. Short introduction: How I became involved in Feng Shui - Cecil
    2. Current Feng Shui Trends & Practises
    3. Feng Shui Tips for the home
    4. How to use various Free Feng Shui analysis  tools found at to  improve one's Feng Shui (Robert Lee)
    5. Question and Answer Session

    (Cecil Lee will be speaking on items Para 1 to 3.  While Robert Lee will talk on Para 4. This is followed by a Q & A session afterwards.)

    Choice 3: Palmistry & Numerology Talk

    Timing: To fit your needs. Estimated duration: 2 hours talk
    Session: Lunch-time or evening talk
    Availability: Weekdays (Mon-Sat) or Weekends (Sun)

    "Many a time, we have heard of how the lines on our palms dictate our forutnes. Can our fates be overcome? Join Master Cecil Lee in a palm reading as he unfolds your character, personality, financial wellbeing, family life, talents and destiny. Find our how he judges the Feng Shui of your homeusing the science of numerology.

    Note: Because of the technical aspect of Palmistry, reference notes on Palmistry will be provided FREE-OF-CHARGE to all participants at the talk.

Question: What do you require for the talk?

Answer: Our only request is that you try to provide a VGA projector at your end (to connect to a note-book PC).

Question: Do we need to provide you with a PC?

Answer:  No. We will bring our own note-book PC and hook it up ourselves to your projector.

Question: Do you need an Overhead Projector?

Answer: No. We do not need an overhead projector as our presentation is all on a projector.

Question: How many people can attend the talks?

Answer: There is no limit to the number of people that can attend the talk. Nor do we have a limited quota on how many people need to attend it.

Question: How do I go from here?

Answer: If you are interested, feel free to contact Master Cecil Lee at 9785-3171 or drop us an e-mail at





Due to the high frequency of talks for public / private / corporate events, we will not be updating the events in this page. But rather, this page shows samples and FAQs of some of the talks available.

Webmaster - 26 Jan 2004

Archived Events

A small list of private talks held recently.


Knowledge Economy
We are featured on National Television (Singapore) in an interview for a programme called "Knowledge Economy".

Source & Credit to Copyright Owner: Mediacorps, Channel 5, Singapore

This programme is shown on TCS 5 on 7 March 2002 at 7:00 PM (GMT +0800, Singapore Time)


Automobile Association of Singapore


ExxonMobil Recreation Club


Estee Lauder


City Building Management Pte Ltd


Boswell Property Consultant Pte Ltd


Major Developers, Banks & Coporations


There are many who requested not be listed.

Call us at 9785-3171 to arrange for a Free Private talk



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