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Fountain and Waterfalls

1. As fountains and waterfalls belong to the same `family' it has been covered together in this article. Sometimes references are made to fountains and at times to waterfall.

2. A brief definition:-

A `small' fountain can be considered for a home while a `larger' fountain for a large building or commercial premises.

A waterfall is usually meant for large buildings e.g. commercial premises, condominiums or any other buildings.

3. A fountain or waterfall is NOT a Feng Shui cure NOR an `antidote' used to neutralise a bad location. Instead, it is said to be `good' as it is able to produce `beneficial' yang energy.

Before, you begin running to a shop to buy one for your home, please read the following points before you decide whether you need one:-

4. The best locations for fountains are outside the `front' garden of a house or in the living room. For waterfalls, it is good to have it outside the front of the building and NOT at the back of the premises. This is in line with the Four Symbolic Animals Principle where the back of the house should have a `solid' backing.

5. Two excellent locations are the South-East (FIRST CHOICE) and North (SECOND CHOICE). Is there a THIRD CHOICE? Yes, the THIRD CHOICE is to place it in any location outside the `front' of the house.

6. It is acceptable even to place a fountain or waterfall at the South direction or `Fire' direction . to `cool' the house. Another good location outside the house is the North-East Direction or commonly called the Devil's Gate. This can reduce the `yin' energy from this area as a fountain produces beneficial `yang' energy.

7. If a fountain is placed at the South-East (or North) of a home can give a boost to one's career.

8. A fountain should not be placed in the bedrooms. Preferably, a fountain should be rounded and not rectangular in shape.

The last resort if you purchase one is to place it at a `corner' with one set of edges parallel to the wall. For a rounded fountain, you can place it `centrally'. This is because as you are aware by now, `sharp' corners send out `sha' or `poison arrow' especially if it is pointed at a sensitive direction e.g. a sofa set or dining room seat. One suggestion is thus to place flower pots at the edges.

9. Preferably, your living room should be in the South-East direction. The living room should be `big' or `large' enought to accomodate the fountain.

10. The ideal fountain is a "rounded" shape. For a waterfall, usually water runs off from one side of the wall and falls into a pool of water.

11. If one has a landed property, there is `no harm' in fact `good' to place the fountain in the front garden. This is the `first' choice as compared to placing a fountain in the interior of the home e.g. the living room.

12. NEVER place a fountain in the bedroom. Bedrooms suppose to be a `yin' place ie. for resting and a fountain (yang) contradicts this.

13. It is equally bad to place a fountain in a children's room. (In fact, no one does that!). But in the process of growing up, loud music, hi-fi are encouraged.

14. Earlier, I mentioned that fountains are NOT feng shui cures or antidote. Many Feng Shui Masters believe that a fountain is able to `activate' good chi and thus a good `thing' to have.

Fountains are particularly good for a large location. Therefore, fountains are strongly recommended for commercial buildings e.g. inside hotel lobbies or outside the building especially in-front. For large commercial sites, it need not be in the shape of the `common' fountain but water flowing from manmade waterfalls. REMEMBER the Four Symbolic Animals Principle? where the advice is to have a clear space in front of a building and a fountain or waterfall gives such a `space.'

15. For a home, I therefore stress that it has to be `large'. Large enough for proper living room furniture etc.. It is no point having a fountain if one cannot even have a proper sitting arrangement for living room set and coffee table and a separate area for the dining area. (This is my definition of `large'. In your case, you have to judge for yourself.)



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