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Devil's Gate

Is the North-East Direction the Devil's Gate?

1. Chinese geomancers consider the North-East as the gate for evil forces to enter earth and Europeans consider it as the North. This region ranges from the North to the North-East direction.

2. In Chinese Geomancy, the South-West (which is the opposite direction of North-East) is thus the "back gate" or "backdoor" of the evil forces.

3. The North-East is represented by the trigram KEN. Which stands for the youngest son. The `youngest' son is considered the `weakest' of the 8 trigram and thus fall prey to `evil influence'.

4. The Forbidden City  has it's main gate facing south. This was to avoid the wind from Mongolia which carries a great deal of yellow dust and was very cold. In Beijing, many people avoided placing windows on the north. Even today, many Beijing houses do not have windows on the north.

5. The Midsummer's Day is considered the most evil day of the year. On this day, June 21st, the axis of the Earth is furthest North and from this day, move southwards. It is also the longest day.

6. Chinese Dragon Boat Festival is held on Midsummer's  Day, June 21st.This is also the 5th day of the 5th Lunar month when disease is most rampant and threathening. Hence this festival helps to ward off evil as well as mark the start of summer.

7. The stones at Stonehenge (see picture) are arranged such that on Midsummer's Day a man standing at the centre of the monument and looking at the opening between two to of the outer circle of standing stones can see the rising sun pass directly over the upright Heelstone, outside the monument.

The Stongehenge has it's main entrance facing the North-East direction.  Midsummer's Day was an important occasion for the people who built and used the Stonehenge. As late as the 1st century AD, when the Romans came to Britain, the Celts, under thier priests, the Druids, were still using Stongehenge as a temple for sun-worship, and it was once believed that the builders of the monument nearly 2,000 years earlier had the same purpose in mind.

8. Churches in the medieval period often carry out baptisms in the north wing of the church with the north door open. This is to drive away evil spirits to the North.

9. Another theory is that there is a hole in the North or called "Northern Lights". This allows `dangerous' levels of cosmic rays to fall to the earth and thus any prolong exposure to the cosmic rays may lead to skin diseases like cancer.

10. Master Sum, a famous Feng Shui writer in the Ching Dynasty, mentioned that one way of detecting the presence of spirits is by looking at the house chart for the concentration of yin stars.

The North-East (Home of Evil Forces) and The 8 House Theory

In case, for those who have the " Excellent " intangible force as the North or North-East direction, don't be unduly worried about this. These two locations still remain your personal " Excellent " location for the main door. Likewise, for the author, my " Excellent " location is the North. It is still a pretty good location!

I have heard many incidents and stories that the Chinese Luopan goes " haywire " when it comes into contact with `ghosts'. In most cases compass needle goes `crazy' and turns in circles and stop at the opposite direction. (It was suppose to point to the South) but now points to the North.

If you have any experiences to share regarding this topic, please send me an e-mail as I hope to do more research into this subject i.e. the North or North-East Direction.



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