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Geomancy U Course

Cecil and Robert
I am sure all regular forum users will agree with me in saying that you have without doubt the best Internet site on Feng Shui.
You both give so freely of your time, it is muchly appreciated. On a personal note, may I say that I am looking forward to the commencement of the Course.
Well done guys, keep up the excellent work. Glyn

Dear Glyn,

Thanks very much. Robert and myself do appreciate it. Your words of encouragements will further encourage us to work harder especially on the course.

Just to let you know on the progress of the course, I am currently busy reviewing the syllabus and content of the various courses under

We will have modules or building blocks where there is a specific purpose in learning and applying what we have learnt. An essential part of the foundation course is to impart to all students knowledge of what is and what is not Feng Shui (e.g. superstitious beliefs).

We will try to make the courses as affordable as possible and useful to everyone. At the same time, later courses e.g. Diploma courses would `develop' members to be a well rounded students.

Students, will also be provided with free `Paid' Pillars of Destiny and Flying Star Report as part of there course. By learning and applying to themselves, they will get a better picture and we hope to make the course enjoyable.

Currently, I am worried about the type of results that some courses elsewhere are producing as some are simply centred on more lucrative subjects like Pillars of Destiny and Flying Star. (Mostly thru no fault of the teachers) students of such courses will have a tendency to focus e.g. on simply doing a Flying Star analysis and forget e.g. lots other Feng Shui principles! I am not surprised that some may not even know of many secondary Feng Shui tools. This is not a good trend.

Feng Shui can be very specialized and even a Feng Shui Master (depending on what he is doing . daily) may only be well versed in certain areas. Therefore, we hope that thru the modular courses on come up with well rounded students who may not need to know all but are aware of many Feng Shui practises and keep updated with the latest trends. I think this is a tall order but this is achievable. This is where hopefully be a centrre for excellence.

For Feng Shui tools at we will continue to provide as many free analysis tools. Unfortunately due to high costs of payments to the ISP and the need to maintain many servers, we cannot provide complex tools free of charge. The two tools will continue to be free (no calculations) and (paid for those who need accurate and powerful tools that come with analysis). Pillars of Destiny and Flying Star. Hope everyone can understand our situation.

To add value to all paid reports, we will always continue to provide free upgrades and for many who are with us, do notice that upgrades are constant and the number of useful Feng Shui tools are simply growing and growing.

The good thing about the tools on is that they will constanly develop useful Feng Shui tools. This takes `away the tedious' tasks of manual calculations plus errors. So that everyone using the reports can either get updated explanations or for free modules, concentrate more time on the analysis and coming up with good `answers' either for themselves or if you are practising Feng Shui, spent more time at analysing the results.

The overall objective of is that for those who are interested in Feng Shui as a hobby or simply want to set up a practise in your own area.

I have actually completed version one of the certificate course but revising it in light of the above developments. I hope to start the first course in two months time.

Thanks for your continued support!

Robert and myself also have lots to learn and we hope that as time goes by, there will be more participation especially from those who have been with this forum for some time.

Frankly, I got lots to learn from everyone!

Sorry about this lenghtly message.. erh.. if u already fall asleep by now. a Thousand Apologies!

Cecil Lee
Center for Feng Shui Research
January 1999



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