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Feng Shui Consultant

I was wondering if anybody here is a Feng Shui constultant or if you ever paid a feng shui consultant to consult your house. I was just wondering what they do,and if they provide supplies to buy such as crystals or mirrors? Or, do they just suggest new ways to make your house better? I was thinking about having a feng shui consultant but was wondering if I should just read a fung shui book instead. I'm having a hard time to find out where my career section is. Also, did anybody buy Steven Post's feng shui book? I wanted to try his wealth trick.

I had previously written a short write-up of how a traditional Feng Shui audit is conducted especially in the Far East. If you like to review the material, go to this URL: How a Feng Shui Audit is conducted

In this short review, I also highlighted that the review in this article is ONLY a guideline. As Feng Shui Home Audits may vary with individual Feng Shui practitioners. Before engaging a Feng Shui Auditor, always ask them questions like which Feng Shui `technique' he/she is using.

If the Feng Shui audit also provides you with a Pillars of Destiny report e.g. for the whole family, you should also check how `deep' is the analysis. This is because some Geomancers merely take the day of birth and then say that your `true' element is e.g. Fire. Some may look at the year, month and day elements to derive your `true element'.

A most accurate Pillars of Destiny analysis takes into account two sets of your year, month, day and time elements) and then derive your `true element' plus the strength of the element. This may take some time to produce using manual methods and more importantly, the need for accuracy.

Usually the FS practitioner will not provide you with `crystals, mirrors' etc..

Under the Eight Associations or commonly called the Eight Aspirations or Life Aspirations, ( in general) under the Trigram/KUA method, the career sector is at the North. Bear in mind that this method is of secondary importance. For example, a true Feng Shui analysis would first " take care " of any issues under the most important FS theory called the Flying Star which takes account of time dimension.

Next, you can use the Pillars of Destiny in relation to your home i.e. the relationship of your `true' element e.g. Strong Fire and in relation to the element of the house eg. South = Fire House. I will not cover the relationships as it has been covered adequately under other subjects in earlier messages or on the specific use of individual reports. Descriptions of the many online tools can be found on

Once analysis using the above are completed i.e. either to enhance beneficial Qi or for fixes, after this, the rest are considered `luxury'. For example, you can then, see that if there is no `clash' in placing a fountain at the North, which is suppose to be the Career sector, then go ahead with it.

Cecil Lee

Center for Feng Shui Research

February 1999


From: "T. A. Espinosa"'s reply to Karen

Dear Karen:

Feng Shui consultations can cost around $500.00 up, this may or may not include round trip air fare depending on where your chosen consultant resides.

May I suggest investing in basic feng shui books. This is not only for finding out good information like, "where is my wealth corner", but for the purpose of understanding what your feng shui consultant is talking about and the purpose of any changes being made.

Other good beginning books are;

Feng Shui for Apartment Living by Richard Webster
Feng Shui Step By Step by T. Raphael Simons
The Western Guide To Feng Shui by Terah Collins
Applied Pa-Kua and Lo Shu Feng Shui by Lillian Too
and a good reference book is, The Feng Shui Anthology by Jami Lin

The above books can be found at most larger book stores or you can order on line through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Borders book stores. They all carry beginning-intermediate-advanced feng shui books. If you have a neighborhood bookstore that will special order for you this can some times be more convenient than hunting around for stores who may or may not stock your selections.

Hope this is helpful,

Vivian Espinosa



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