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Personal Element

About Your Personal Element

Eight Characters or Ba Zi or Pillars of Destiny is a scientific tool used extensively by the Chinese to find out our destiny.


This report does the complicated calculation of your personal element which is a vital information in Ba Zi Feng Shui.


Based on the complex analysis of the Ba Zi Feng Shui using the Year, Month, Day, and Hour of Birth to determine your personal element.

In the free report, ALL ELEMENTS are taken WEAK as there is no analysis done to determine if you are strong. This feature is not included as it would take too much time and computing power to generate the final analysis results. As such all Free users will be able to get the Element of Birth (ie, metal, water person).

What is this report used for?

This report Pillars of Destiny (Ba Zi Feng Shui) have many uses more than just determining the personal element. However, in this particular free report, it's key use is to help you determine more accurately (than using the Gua Number Element or the Chinese Astrology year of birth) your Personal Feng Shui element.

No other analysis report can give you any better analysis than your personal Ba Zi. In Feng Shui the most common denominator for cross-theory analysis are Yin & Yang concept and the Five Element concept.

This Personal Element helps you determine how you can relate yourself with your house, your family members, and many more.

How to use this Report?

From this report, you can tell what are the elements that are favourable to you etc.

Example 1:

weak Wood
Favourable Elements:
Water (blue/black/gray), Wood (green/brown)
Unfavourable Element: Metal (white/gold), Fire (red)

Example 2:

Strong Wood
Favourable Elements: Fire (red), Metal (white/gold)
Unfavourable Elements: Water (blue/black/gray), Wood (green/bown)

There are also many other uses as it help you determine what career is suitable to you, whether the house element is suitable for you, whether a colour is good for you etc. Many of the details such as what elements belong to what career are all available in our Five Element Chapter in the Applied Feng Shui Made Easy Book.

Where to generate Report?

This report is currently available as a FREE report for members. View the sample report as shown below:-

Click here to login or sign up as a member to gain access to this FREE personalised analysis tools


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Professional Consultation?

As a convience for users who:-

  • do not want the hassle of doing it yourself
  • simply not very good with computers
  • do not know how to make use of our useful websites tools
  • want professional service or seek further consultation
  • simply want to support this website

We offer a service where we can do it entirely for you for a small service fee. We will help you generate the report, include our personalised analysis, allow you to seek further consulatation on this issue and e-mail you the analysis results and our comments.

For Enquiry: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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