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About Eight House Report

About Eight House

Eight House (ba yun / zhai yun) is known by several names Eight Directions, Eight Mansion, Eight Luck, etc. This report is a basic and useful way of determining your 4 good and 4 bad directions from your YEAR of birth.


What is this report for?

This report only helps you determine what sectors suits you. It does not analyse the feng shui of that sector. Meaning that even if a sector suits you, it may not contain a good feng shui. The same goes when a sector is good, but it does not suits you, then it is not good for you.

Thus this report is usually complemented by the Flying Star (which analyses the feng shui of a sector) to help you choose the most suitable sector.

How to use the report?

For example, if you want to know if a house is suitable to you or not, find out the main door direction of your house (taken from the centerpoint of the house outwards to the door). Say if your main door falls in the South, then based on this sample chart, it is a good house because it falls under the Longevity sector.

Where to generate Report?

This report is currently available as a FREE report for members. View the sample report as shown below:-

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