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Black Hat Sect Feng Shui

Black Hat Sect Feng Shui

This website does not practice nor promote Black Hat Sect or Fast Food Feng Shui. However, we put together this page so that users know what it means.

Black Sect Tantric Buddhist (BTB) appears to have been a modern "invention" fabricated in the mind of one person: Thomas Lin Yun. It has no no basis in or connected to Traditional Chinese Feng Shui. BTB is not recognised by many practitioners of Traditional Chinese Feng Shui. Traditional practitioners also consider BTB to be Psuedo-Feng Shui. It is based primarily on a marketing scheme derived from superstition and profit.

I am confused by the different styles of Feng Shui. I began to apply Black Hat Style in my home. Is it wrong?

I cannot `blame' you for being confused with so many " Types " of Feng Shui. Especially since, there are lots of sites nowadays using Black Hat Sect methods.

In my opinion, any other `styles' are much better than applying Black Hat Sect as it is considered a modern marketing invention.

In Traditional Feng Shui there are principally two major schools-

a. Shapes and Forms Feng Shui
b. Compass School (Such as Flying Star and Eight House).

As much as we would like to apply Feng Shui as fast as we can, it is best to understand the rationale for each School and try to understand the basics.

For Shapes and Form Feng Shui, you can tour the resources in this site or simply get a book on Shapes and Form Feng Shui.

As for other theories, you can start say with Eight House and depending on your interest, may progress further.



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