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The Entrance

Free Module 2: Shapes & Form Feng Shui

Chapter 17: The Entrance



The House:-

Avoid the following bad influences on a house:-

1. A `T' or `Y' shaped road in front of the house.

2. A house at the dead-end of a road.

3. An inverted `U' shaped which acts like a knife' slicing the house.

4. A river in front of the house.

5. House must not face or next to a:-
- cemetery.
- funeral parlor.
- any religious prayer sites.
- brothel.
- police station.
- buildings in the shape of a fire element e.g. sharp pointed roofs.

5. A big tree or a single lamb post facing the house.

6. Look out for the corner of a  neighbour's roof pointing to the front of the house.

7. A canal or river at the back of the house.

8. House must not face a bridge or an overpass.

9. An expressway `cutting/slicing' into the house.

10. Avoid a house built on a former cemetery site or an area where massacre happened.

For those living next to a cemetery or places with concentration of YIN, one remedy is to brightly lit that side of the house or paint that side of the wall red or pink to activate the `YANG' element.

11. Avoid having an opening (open air courtyard) or windows in the centre ceiling of the house.

12. Avoid having the toilet in the center of the house.

13. The house should be higher than the road.

14. Avoid a `U' shaped house.

15. A house should not be `sandwiched' between two tall buildings.

16. Do not place the water tank on the roof in the centre of the house.

17. Public sewerage pipes must not pass under the house.

18. Do not have the fire place in the centre of the house.

19. Avoid having a pond in the centre of the house.




1. Avoid having fencing with varying heights.

2. The fence or brick wall should not be too close to the house.

3. Fence or brick wall should not be higher than the house else it acts like a `prison' environment.

4. For the garage, do not have the master bedroom above the garage.

5. The driveway should not directly face the main house's door.

6. Do not install barbed wires over the top of the main gate. (For goodness sake your house is not an army camp or a gangster's hideout!) 

For exterior of the Main Door:-

1. It should not face a tree or a  lamp post.

2. It should not face any corner,  chimney, or water storage tank.

3. It should not face a neighbour's gate, main door or driveway.

For interior of the Main Door:-

1. It should not face the staircase or a `sharp' corner pointing towards the door.

2. It should not be immediately blocked by a wall.

3. It should not face the back door.

4. It should not face a wash basin, sink or water pipe.

5. It should not face any bedroom, toilet or kitchen or fireplace.

6. The backdoor must be smaller than the main door.

7. The size of the main door should be proportional to the size of the house.

8. If the main door is made of two panels, both panels must be of equal size.



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