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Dragon's Breath

Free Module 1: Principles of Feng Shui

Chapter 8: The Dragon's Breath

Wind Feng Shui or commonly called  Qi (Chi) energy force

Illustration on Dragon's Breath

Imagine  you are in a room and all the windows are closed. Do you find the room `stuffy' and the air stale? Prolong stay may result in ill  health for the occupants.

Chinese belief that there are energy forces in the earth and there must be an equal balance between Yang (positive) and Yin (negative) in order  to achieve good Qi or cosmic breath. The discovery of magnetic forces  on the earth also lead to the invention of the compass.

Qi around us promote growth, health, vitality. Feng Shui is all about the art of detecting and utilizing this cosmic breath for perfect health, harmony, wealth and happiness for the occupants.

Two  important points to note:-

1. Adverse or bad Qi flows in a straight line. This can be corrected  with the use of the "Pakua" or a Trigram with a reflective mirror in the middle.

2. Good Qi does not flow in a straight line but rather it is advantages to allow it to circulate within a building to avoid `stale air'.  Straight paths should be avoided at all costs as good Qi cannot be retained in such a situation.

In later chapters you will get to see and  understand the application of Qi under Shapes and Form Feng Shui.




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