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Colours of Home

Colours for the home 






NW & West(Metal)


Gold or white

East & SE(Wood)


Green or brown

North (Water)


Blue, black or grey



Red, pink or purple

NE & SW (Earth)




colour wheel

Red is auspicious and one of the luckiest colours associated with good fortune and prosperity.

Green is tranquility and longevity.

Yellow is authority is the colour of the emperor.

Blue is heavenly blessings and white is purity. Black is associated with money and honour.

White is a symbol of purity and a virgin and is the colour of mourning.

For example, the north wall of the house could be painted in blue or grey while the south wall in pink or purple.

It is NOT necessary to follow the above guidelines. Why?

For practical reasons, you can paint the entire house in `neutral' colours such as white or in any `light pastel' shades.

Soft colours signifies YIN or ` female'. Bright colours siginifies YANG or `bright' or strong colours.

What colours are best for me?

Looking at ancient Chinese history, you will find that Emperors wear Yellow and usually with dragons motifs.

If you are a CEO, would you want to wear a `yellow' shirt or dress? Your subordinates wear Blue?? I personally feel that colours are of `secondary' in this case.

On the other hand, at 21 years and above, we already consciously or unconsciously know what are our favourite colours. Continue to wear what you like! Imagine, if you constantly wear erh. yellow, and happen to have the same shirt/dress your friends or associates may think that you never change your clothes! How's that for your image:( Bad Rite? You are doing yourself more `harm' than good. This reminds me of the cinema show `The Fly' where the main character shows his girlfriend a wardrobe of clothes he wear for work from Mondays to Saturdays . all shirts/trousers etc.. are identical! How's that for a person who have problems choosing what to wear!

Maybe one could join IBM. All male employees from Mondays to Fridays must wear white shirt and dark trousers! (Anyone reading this and from IBM. erh.. no offence intended!)


Sharing my personal thoughts on this:-

I happen to browse messages in a newsgroup and came across the link to the above page. As the page is related to Feng Shui, the article shows that it was `copyright' to them. In fact, I usually do not mind if some of my materials are used with credit to source.  This is one of my oldest article, on this site and I thought it could be left alone `in peace'.

I glimsed through the article and what got my attention was the similarity of the article to my work which I wrote sometime back in 1997. I was shocked especially to find my personal opinions being `copied' word for word in the `article.'

In fact, I have also published the above work in a book and many users had purchased it.

Yet, the person did not even bother to change it and all the tell-tale signatures emerge if one looks close enough.

If, the person says that they had done any research or readings, should be able to quote another similar book with the words `neutral' or `pastel shades' of colour to defend their stand that they indeed had read `off' other books'.

In my opinion, sites that "live-off" other people's writing and promote `protect' or `shelter' people who may have "copied" the works of others will need to morally look closely at themselves, else, this is only the tip of the `ice-berg'.

Although the site had "removed" the article, they resort not only to continue to `shelter' such people but provide the excuse that "they are certainly not in the business of trying to determine ownership ".

The law will eventually catch up with them one day. I believe all their `escape' clauses or excuses eventually would not work. This will not be the first nor the last complaint from anyone.

Today, is my work, tommorrow, maybe your work being copied!

Cecil Lee

30 March 2000



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