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Bad Feng Shui

Q1: I have performed the eight house calculation and FS on the house. Per eight house calculation, my best direction is SE, "disaster" is in NW, that's where my front door (main entrance) is; the master bedroom is located in the SE half of the house, and the "health" line (also S-N line) is diagonally crossing my bed, my head is on SW side and I am facing NE wall between the "death" line and "longevity" line. The center of the house lay on the seventh step (total of 14 steps) to upstairs, with 309 degree. I also use compass at the front door (facing away from the door), it reads 310 degree.

I try not to be "pessimistic" because one of the most important Feng Shui criteria is that a house should ideally suit the breadwinner. The "more serious" case of a clash (i.e. a person not matching a house is) when the `death' or `disaster' intangible flows thru the main entrance door.

The current known `cure' based on available information under the Eight House Theory is to keep the main entrance area bright and avoid leaving the main entrance door open unless in use. If you are still living in this home, (Not compulsory) but good to do a Pillars of destiny analysis to find your true element and it's strength and a Flying star birth chart but this would greatly help in further analysis:

1. To look at your true element and it's strength in relation to the house element e.g. if your element is a weak water and the house (main entrance is south facing) has the fire element, the fire element would further weaken you.

2. A flying star chart to check your main entrance and it can be used to activate e.g. the mountain and water stars (if they are available) and locate the best location for your home.

In general, under the Eight Associations or commonly called the Eight Aspirations, you can at a micro level, activate the South-West corner of a room or a home by placing something `romantic' e.g. a red valentine's card to name an example.

Please see below for more replies:-

A total of 14 steps is good. (Other good numbers for steps are: 1, 2, 5, 10, 13, 14, 17 and 22). It is `unfortunate' to learn that the seventh step lay in the centre of the house as normally, a stair case should be at the side wall instead of in the centre of the house. The only `remedy' here is to keep it bright.

Q2: Being the front door is at my bad direction, worst to this, the main floor half bath is on my "prosperity" area, above this, is another bathroom upstairs. The living room covers the "spook", "irritation" and "disaster" quarter of the main floor with garage below, on the ground floor. Besides the living room, another half of the main floor is the kitchen, stove is located between "death" and "longevity" lines and is almost directly below the master bathroom.

I have a fish tank in the living room, against the same wall as the front door is, facing NW. there are six fishes in the tank, one got sick recently.

Here there are two considerations:-

1. Shape of the fish tank:-

At the North West location which is the metal element, the ideal shape of the fish tank is round.

2. Under the five elements concept, and traditional Feng Shui practice, the number of fish would depend on your (breadwinner's) element:-

For Water element - 1 or 6 fishes
Fire element - 2 or 7 fishes
Wood - 3 or 8 fishes
Earth - 5 or 10 fishes
Metal - 4 to 9 fishes

I also placed a small round mirror on top of the front door facing outside, don't know if that's any of help..

Yes, a mirror can be considered an alternative to a Pakua (less offensive but less powerful) but not effective against strong sha or strong poison arrows e.g. neighbour's pointed roof.

It just seems like everything in this house is bad FS for me. IS THERE ANY CURE? so i don't have to move? My one-year old dog got heart problem.

It seems that your house do have quite a bit of problem.

My boyfriend and I were just broke up. I don't know what to do, please help.

As mentioned earlier, try to activate the South West which is the Romance, relationship corner.

Cecil Lee
Center for Feng Shui Research
January 1999



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