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I'm quite interested in learning feng shui and began reading some books. However, on some of my readings, some feng shui masters indicate that the "wealth" corner is always on the far left corner of your house from the main front door. If this is true, then what is the purpose of determining your suitable location in the "eight house theory?" I guessed I'm confused with all the readings I've been doing. Please advise. Also, what do I do if my front glass window has little crack because of a stupid kid throwing a pebble?

Under traditional Feng Shui, there are a few sets of theories and this includes 9 Star Ki, an equivalent of Feng Shui numerology.

Briefly, the main theories (Ranked) in importance are:-

1. Pillars of Destiny (to determine your true element) e.g. your true element and it's strength. This is ranked 1st (jointly ) with the Flying Star Theory (which looks at your house's birth chart).

2. Next, comes the Eight House theory which is used to determine the "Best house " for a person i.e. 4 good and 4 bad directions.

Under the Eight House theory, you get a general reading of what is known as the Eight Associations or Eight Aspirations or Life Aspirations. Where this theory states that e.g. North sector is considered e.g. your " Career sector "; South-West is your Marriage/Romance/Relationship corner.

Please note that this is only a very GENERAL theory used ONLY after you had properly analysed your house using the Flying Star Theory.

Why is this so?

If you have read earlier articles written, the Flying Star Theory is dynamic and you can even analyse a house ranging from a 20 year period to yearly to monthly and if you have the time. daily.

The Flying Star theory therefore takes into account the time factor. Therefore, if you have a mountain star to activate or a water star which can be activated, you should `activate' these. In addition, there are lots more of the Flying Star Theory e.g. very auspicious location etc. I will not go on about it as you can easily read what are the features of the Flying star at (under Flying Star and click on " Features " )

In traditional Feng Shui, whatever you have done under the Flying Star is frankly enough for Harmony and prosperity for your home or office. (Of course, this is provided the house / office suits the owner. Else, you will not prosper but . average `living' if cures are enhanced. ) The ideal situation is of course to have both you and your house `suit' each other as mentioned under the Eight House Theory.

Only after proper analysis is completed e.g. if there are no implications of activating a Eight Associate Direction or Eight Aspirations or Life Aspiration e.g. Career sector is in the North and if there are no bad "flying stars" where activating it may incur consequences. This lesson is particularly important for Do it yourself Feng Shui as opposed to consulting a reliable Feng Shui Master first. Similarly if the South West corner of your house is inauspicious and if you wrongly activate it, this may again bring dire consequences. One good thing about the Eight Associate Direction is you can activate it at a micro level. If say it is inauspicious to do so at the SW of the house, you may (again if there no inauspicious stars) activate e.g. the SW corner of your table.

As to your query as to " the "wealth" corner is always on the far left corner of your house from the main front door." This statement is simply not true. What is true though is the general statement of the Eight Associate Direction or Eight Aspirations but I have already mentioned not to follow it `blindly'.

As for your front glass window which has a little crack, where possible, try to replace it as soon as possible as it is considered inauspicious to have a cracked window on your main entrance door.

Cecil Lee
Center for Feng Shui Research
February 1999



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