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Two Main Doors

I stayed in an apartment to which there is only one door to go out of this flat, which is in the SW direction. This door faces our opposite neighbour's door and the common corridor. However we have a big sliding door which opens to a big balcony which faces the sky, pool and landscape. If I would everyday walk out into the balcony most, do I consider this as the Main Entrance instead of the SW door that leads out of the house?

In traditional Feng Shui practise, the door you use often can be considered to be your main entrance door.

Is it true that the main entrance of a house should be one that looks out to the sky and not into the inner building such as the corridor.

No this information is not true. A door in an apartment e.g. inner building can be considered as the main entrance.

The balcony is in the SE facing which is my excellent direction. Can going out into the open up balcony consider out of the house?

No, going out into the open balcony cannot be considered as the Main entrance door.

In real life, a Feng Shui Master needs to know two important things:

1. Finding the centre of the house i.e. finding the centrepoint This is considered necessary for every Feng Shui analysis.

2. Determine the exact direction of your main entrance door. However, if you have two or more entrances, you can do an analysis to see which door(s) are favourable and after that decide on what you want to do e.g.

- Use the `more favourable' entrance
- Do not `side step' the issue but apply `cures'. Some of which I have mentioned earlier e.g. using a convex door, tilting a door, using a specially designed semi circle carpet etc.

Cecil Lee
Center for Feng Shui Research
January 1999



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